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Doro Kiley, Professional Certified Coach“Turn your wounds into wisdom.”
~ Oprah Winfrey ~




Total Forgiving
Total Living


Betrayal Sexual Abuse
Emotional Abuse Theft / Robbery
Abandonment False Accusation
Physical Abuse etc., etc...

Statistics show that one out of five children in the United States experiences some form of traumatic abuse, which forever alters his or her future relationships; personal and professional, including the relationship with his or her self.

Every person in the whole of humanity has experienced some form of abuse or neglect, whether it's being betrayed by a lover or imprisoned in war.

Total forgiving goes beyond compassion, mercy, rationalization, pity or even forgetting.

Total forgiving is a figure-ground reversal in perspective. It requires a willingness to see through the eyes of spirit; no right - no wrong, no good - no bad, no villain - no victim.

Total forgiving is a life balanced in the world but not of the world. It acknowledges and honors both spiritual law as well as human laws, which often seem fiercely polarized.


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Total Forgiving


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