The Midlife Challenge: Rebirthing your Self
  • Empty Nest Syndrome
  • Retirement
  • Divorce
  • Affair
  • Financial Instability
  • Menopause
  • Lack of Identity and Authentic Purpose...

    The majority of both men and women between the ages of 40 and 65 will experience a crisis. For some it lasts only a couple of years but for the majority it can last up to 12 years. This is a time when our body and ego are showing signs of breaking down and our ego's "survival instinct" kicks into high gear.

Are you on the brink of throwing all caution to the wind, running away from the life you've created, divorcing? Or, on the reverse side; depressed with anxiety attacks and feel like you're going insane?

It's not just the body that begins showing signs of dismantling as we age, but the ego begins a process of unraveling as well. As frightening as all this may sound, it's potentially the start of THE great new unfolding. Your true, authentic Self is determined to shed the old confines of cultural conditioning, family and even career identity. This more authentic calling of the soul feels destined to express it's "Self" as its final mark on the world. But there's a fine line between destroying the life and family you've created out of societal demand and now stepping into your authentic Self.

Your ego, and perhaps your partner's ego, is dismantling. You need to see it and understand it. You and the one you have lived with for 20, 30, 40+ years is morphing into something else. Every soul's calling is to find and express its AUTHENTIC and UNIQUE Self in this world. That soul part of you is bound and determined to leave this life a little better than when it came in and maybe the old cultural, familial ways just aren't cutting it anymore. Sometimes a soul's calling is drastic. But hey, maybe it only sounds drastic now because we haven't been listening for a long time. The longer I stand at the edge of a diving board the more scary the inevitable dive seems.

The metamorphosis is nothing less than an absolute miracle before our eyes. Did you know that when a caterpillar wraps itself into a cocoon, it turns into a completely unidentifiable "jelly"? As the seasons change, it reorganizes every bit of "jelly" to create a butterfly. Nothing is lost. But, here's the kicker. If it loses even a bit of its jelly before it is transformed, it will still become a butterfly, but the butterfly will be smaller. Think about it. So, how can you go through your midlife crisis without losing anything but your old identity? What is your "jelly" destined for if it loses nothing?

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Midlife Crisis

  identify your Soul's unique calling

  begin anew by tuning in and visioning your destiny

  map your authentic Self direction

  receive the personal and collaborative support needed

  explore a deeper (much deeper) spirituality

  regain mental calmness

  know the benefit of meditation

  experience self awareness and profound insight

  look at healthy personal boundaries   (video)

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"The midlife passage invites the death of who we have known ourselves to be and promises the birth of our authentic, soul-infused self, long suppressed under years of outward obligations. The more we view midlife as a spiritual rebirth rather than something to get over or simply endure, the less likely we are to settle for trying to repackage what we have lived during the first half of our adult lives." ~ Hidden Blessings by Jett Psaris, Ph.D.

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This call provides an opportunity to gain a sense of compatibility and to see if I'm the right coach for you. One-on-one life coaching requires commitment from both sides and takes place over an extended period of time, usually weeks to months. During your first session, we will review the desired outcome and then come up with a schedule that works for both of us.

Coaching is often by telephone so it doesn't matter where you live in the world. After we set up a time for our session you'll call me at our scheduled time East Coast US time (EST) - 5 UTC/GMC. Each session is typically 50 minutes. Contact me to set up a free call to see if coaching is for you.

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Doro Kiley, PCC has been a professional life
coach since 1999, certified through the
International Coach Federation, helping people on their life journey.

Prior to becoming a coach, I was an occupational therapist with many years of experience in pediatric and geriatric rehabilitation and technology adaptations in homes, hospitals and public schools.

Throughout my coaching career I have had the pleasure of supporting professionals achieve career transitions and goals, artists breaking away from their old lives to find greater authenticity, spiritual seekers seeking insight and multitudes of relationships finding solace.

My approach to coaching integrates the whole person; from spiritual identity to personal and professional /career goals and relationships in every form.

Coaching sessions are available in person or by phone.

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