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Doro Kiley, Professional Certified Coach“Turn your wounds into wisdom.”
~ Oprah Winfrey ~



Life Happens
Coaching Helps


Job Loss Illness
Betrayal Divorce
Retirement Death of a Parent or Child
Loss of Security Loss of Control
Spiritual Awakening House Fire
Terminal Diagnosis War and Violence
Emotional and Physical Abuse Parental Challenges
Pregnancy Death of a Pet... and...


When life delivers big changes, the very core of who we thought we were is often thrown into an emotion tail-spin or a seemingly oppressive abyss, which can last for weeks, months or for the rest of our days.

If you lack sufficient support from friends, family, environment or community to help you navigate life's storms, a life coach can be a valuable ally.


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Doro Kiley, PCC Certified Life Coach ~ Copper Hill, VA 24079 ~ (540) 929-4703