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* Coaching Questionnaire (doc)
Please fill out and return this questionnaire before your FREE intake call. You will be calling me at (540) 929-4703 at the time of your appointment.

* Coaching Call Prep Form (doc)
Please fill out and return before each subsequent session.

* What Is Coaching? (pdf)

* Come To Session Ready (pdf)

* How It Works (pdf)

* Four Brain Wave Patterns (pdf)

* Creation Coach Agreement (pdf)


Coaching Support Information and Worksheets

* The Clean Sweep (pdf)

* Values List (pdf)

* Balancing Work and Family (pdf)

* Conscious Capitalism (pdf)

* Where is Your Quality of Life? (pdf)


Self Improvement Stories and Information

* The Human Acorn (pdf)

* Floating Stones (pdf)

* Lions at the Gate (pdf)

* Contemplations on the Subject of Desire (pdf)

* Coaching for Mindfulness (pdf)

* Radical Personal Responsibility (pdf)

* Creating Your Life vs. Allowing (pdf)

* Meditation FAQs (pdf)

* M is for Mindfulness (pdf)

* A is for Allowance (pdf)

* The Art of Living by S.N. Goenka (pdf)

* Tonglen Practice by Pema Chodron (the cultivation of compassion) (pdf)

* The Four Agreements by don Miguel (pdf)

Nonviolent Communication

* NVC Handout

* Feelings_Needs

* Translating Jackal




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