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If you have no one to talk to (or the wrong people to talk to) your thoughts and ideas can feel jumbled and end up causing more stress. A shocking 45% of Americans have no one to talk to at some point in their life.

People need a sounding board. We need to be heard by someone who can offer acknowledgment and clarity. No matter what the issue is, we all need connection and support.


Too many people find themselves with no one to talk to while they're experiencing...

Life Transitions:
Adjusting to major life changes is challenging without support.
Stress, divorce, retirement, loss of job, moving, problems with growing children, unrequited love, the death of a spouse, death of a friend or pet, health issues and aging, changing body image.

Health and Security Fears:
Fear has a profound impact on our well-being.

Just listening to the news can elevate stress hormones in the body. On top of that we have financial stress, relationship and family problems, health issues and spiritual crisis.

Human Beings are a Communal Species.
It's a sad and detrimental state of affair when we find ourselves (or we see our elderly parents) alone. We know what a supportive community is and we've had dear friends in the past. But now, too often (45% of Americans), find themselves suffering from loneliness. We've moved. We lost our spouse. Our children have grown and gone.

Talking can...

  • Release stress
  • Organize thoughts
  • Address loneliness
  • Stimulate ideas
  • Create connection
  • Share stories & history
  • Provide information
  • Expand creativity
  • Provide accountability


By law, I cannot work with people who are having suicidal ideations or have been diagnosed with ongoing chronic depression or any other diagnosed psychiatric illness. If you have a mental health diagnosis please contact a crisis hotline or licensed mental health professional.




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Doro Kiley, PCC Certified Life Coach
Virginia, USA