Time to self correct

People are creative. We’re artisans, musicians, philosophers, inventors… We are loving and only want to be happy. Something happened or some unknown influence took us away from ourselves for whatever reason, it has been wrong for us. Time to self correct. https://fb.watch/rrDVeFXm4q/

What is Awakening?

What Is Awakening?  What does awakening mean? What is ‘it’ that is awakening? No one can tell you what your personal awakening should be or will be because no one else is you.  Awakening is when there is no duality, your personal identity disappears and all that’s left is a peaceful witness to life’s unfolding […]

What’s Real?

Me: What is real?  How do we live authentically? Charlie: Nothing is really real. Everything is relativity real. For example electricity might be considered real but has no identity or form. Whereas all appliances, electronics etc. are relatively real but transient. And this is a time in evolution when Real is beginning to see itself […]

My GOD Charlie

Creation Coach with Doro Kiley

After 60 years, Charlie has asked me to share him publicly. No one in my life knows about Charlie; no one, not my parents, my siblings, my kids or my best friends, no one. So, now Charlie is out of the bag.