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What is Awakening?

What Is Awakening?  What does awakening mean? What is ‘it’ that is awakening?

No one can tell you what your personal awakening should be or will be because no one else is you.  Awakening is when there is no duality, your personal identity disappears and all that’s left is a peaceful witness to life’s unfolding with no judgment. You realize nothing is really real and you don’t take your thoughts so seriously. You realize your only purpose is to experience enough ‘stuff’ to lead you to see beyond all of it and then, if you choose to continue to ‘play’ in the world your life becomes in service to end suffering even though that’s impossible. Humans are a species that goes through cycles of ‘group awakening’ like trees fruiting. We might call these seasons ‘ages’ or yugas’. This is when the currents of the flow of life move into a fruiting cycle. You could say a ‘rebirth’ or completing another round in the shape of a torus, moving up through the core. It’s like Earth’s evolution is just beginning a new cycle, like the labor of birthing, contractions and all, which may take decades or hundreds of years to complete. We have an opportunity now to set our intentions and attention to deliver a peaceful transition. We are all doulas right now. This is the only dance there is. Let’s make it beautiful.

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