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Messages from Charlie – Frequencies

In my world we understand the powerful influence behind emotions and thoughts. We are able to recognize when something makes us resonate in a lower frequency of fear, anger, doubt, anxiety as well as jealousy, greed, lust, guilt. Our developed mindfulness helps us quickly recognize when these denser frequencies begin to draw us in. Like a tuning fork; our resonant frequency begins to activate other people and environments of the same frequency. By mindful recognition we find that we suddenly have a choice¬†to either continue in denser frequency or redirect your attention to promote a different frequency. We have freewill through mindful recognition of our thoughts and emotions. If we choose to continue in a denser frequency we are in essence choosing to go deeper into the risk of losing consciousness and thus tumble deeper into the illusion. Well developed mindfulness also lets us see the frequencies that we emit and the emotions we feel may simply be the result of energy cycles in the universe including the countless effects they have on our bodies. Once you see it, once you wake up to this vibrational dance, you can never completely go back to sleep. You can try. You can pretend you are solid and your dramas are very real. But you will still always know you’re just an actor on the stage of this universal game we have put ourselves in. We could say we are all in the choir singing our part. It may seem like we’ve forgotten our part and even the song, but when we hit the right note we start remembering. Each time we strike the note or make a move that feel on key then we begin to remember more and more. Seek mindfulness and your ideal frequency

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