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What’s Real?

Me: What is real?  How do we live authentically?

Charlie: Nothing is really real. Everything is relativity real. For example electricity might be considered real but has no identity or form. Whereas all appliances, electronics etc. are relatively real but transient. And this is a time in evolution when Real is beginning to see itself as only relatively real. It’s beginning to see itself again. REAL is the conscious energy that makes CHANGE happen continuously with apparently no end.  Things change because there is an unseen force behind everything pushing forward; expanding, collapsing, spiraling, birthing, dying, in, out, slow, fast etc.. We could say CHANGE is where the relative realities are unfolding and the unseen force that keeps it enabled is what’s real.  Now our relative reality is waking up to its Source again; what we could call Real.

Me: How does this relate to the conditions in the world out there?  What can we call authentic?

Charlie: Authenticity is about balance.  What feels balanced in the moment is authentic but most people are too confused to feel any balance.. It’s hard to experience difficult thing because they throw us out of balance. It helps to first hold a bigger picture so we can see the imbalance. This is where the most transformation occurs. When big transformations happen, the force behind it is going to move it in a big direction. Which direction it moves in depends on where the majority focus their intention and attention.  Imbalance can only be balanced though curiosity and letting go. The power of nature is always seeking balance. Letting go with curiosity brings back balance. How long that takes depends on your karma.

Putting our intention and attention on bullying, blaming, judging or creating, anger, fear, enemies etc. creates more of the same.

Putting intention and attention on curiosity will bring balance. Ask each other, ‘what is it like to be you?’ Seek to understand the basic universal need behind their action. Humans have basic universal needs, be more curious and let go.

Me: 🙌


Refer to the list PDF:  FEELINGS and NEEDS


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